SAVE $15 when you replace and install a NAPA Gold Air Filter or Enbiroshield Cabin Air Filter while getting a premium oil change

March 1 – April 30, 2019

Your filter is filthier than you think and it could be impacting your vehicle’s performance. A dirty air filter restricts the air flow that the engine needs to perform properly. This will cause the engine to run “rich” since the engine is not receiving the correct fuel and oxygen mixture.This lowers gas mileage and places unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s engine. It can also foul spark plugs and impact fuel economy.

This month we’re offering a $15 rebate when you have your participating NAPA AutoCare Center replace and install a NAPA Gold Air Filter or Enviroshield Cabin Filter with a Premium Oil Change.

Instant savings subtracted from your invoice at the time of service. Offer excludes labor. Qualifying NAPA Filters available for most passenger vehicles and light trucks. See your local participating NAPA AutoCare Center for more details.